General Questions
Currently in order to do so you must create two separate orders, but we’re working on this. We know that it’s hard to make everyone happy when ordering take out. After you finish selecting what you want from the first restaurant, simply checkout and continue to the next restaurant. Since you already have all your information saved, it shouldn’t take long to checkout again.
Option 1: Use our Convienent Customer Chat Feature Located at the Top right of your page
Option 2: Email us directly at or through Quick Contact
Option 3: You can call Our Toll Free Customer Service Line at 855-GET-KOSHER
Yes, you can modify your information by clicking on the ‘My Account’ page after you are signed in.
Yes, we can. The delivery fee and minimum purchase are charged based on the size of the order and the delivery address. Most out of area orders will have a $75 minimum and a delivery fee. Please call us for more information at (855)-GET-KOSHER.
We soon hope to expand to serve more areas in the U.S. With G-d’s help, we plan to launch in Manhattan next, then 5 Townes, Great Neck, and the rest of New York City.
Great question, we would love to! Click here to suggest a restaurant to us. With your help we will be able to expand our selection even faster.
For 2013:
March 25 (Evening) – March 27th (Evening) – First 2 Days of Passover (Closed)
March 27 (Evening) -30 (Evening) Chol Hamo-ed Passover (Special Passover Menu)
March 30 (Evening) – April 2nd (Evening) Last 2 Days of Passover (Closed)
May 14 (Evening) – May 16 (Evening) Shavuot (Closed)
July 15 (Evening) – July 16 (Evening) Tisha B’Av Fast (Closed)
Sept 4 (Evening) – Sept 6 (Evening) Rosh Hashana (Closed)
Sept 13 (Evening) – Sept 14 (Evening) Yom Kippur (Closed)
Sept 18 (Evening) – Sept 20 (Evening) First 2 Days of Sukkot (Closed)
Sept 21 (Evening) – Sept 25 (Evening) Chol Hamo-ed Sukkot (OPEN)
Sept 25 (Evening) – Sept 27 (Evening) Shimini Atzeret & Simhat Torah (Closed) is a restaurant marketing and delivery firm that advertises,markets and delivers for restaurants. When engaging with to coordinate food delivery, you are hiring the services of a self-employed independent contractor or of the restaurant themselves.
Kosher Questions is closed on the Sabbath and also observes all jewish religious holidays. We will close approximately 2 hours before sunset on Friday, and open approximately 1 hour after sunset on Saturday evening. We cannot deliver or schedule orders submitted to us during these times. Any orders submitted will be processed when we open. We can have food delivered to you for Shabbat or holidays as long as they are ordered in advance. They will be delivered before the Sabbath or holiday begins. Please see our catering packages and menu selections to find the right food for any special occasion.
We only sell KOSHER food. There are different types of kashrut so please make sure to check the header of the restaurant to see what kind they offer. There you’ll see such classifications as Kosher, Glatt Kosher, Beit Yosef, Cholov Yisroel, and many more. We give you as much information as possible, so you can make an informed choice. We also indicate Rabinnical hasgacha when available.
Placing An Order
This most likely means that you don’t have third-party cookies enabled in your browser. Enable third-party cookies and you should be able to continue your order. A cookie is a small file that lets us store your zip code and delivery information. We are only using this information to find the restaurants that are available in your area.
Ordering is simple:
Click Order Now
Enter your location and desired delivery date & time
Select a restaurant you would like and build your order

Login to your account or create a new customer account (this will save your address(es) for future use) Continue to Checkout
Arrange payment
Now, don’t worry any more about your order. Sooner than you know it’ll be at your door.
Yes! You can schedule your delivery by choosing your desired date and time. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, next week, or months from now, gives you the flexibility for all your meal planning and event needs.
For every item on a restaurants’ menu, our ordering system allows you the opportunity to include any ‘Special Instructions’. This feature will ensure the restaurant you order from prepares your meal with the attention it requires and deserves. Please be aware that some restaurants do not allow substitutions or modifications to some items.
When you complete the checkout process, our website will tell you that your order has been sent. Our team takes it from there to make sure the restaurant receives your order.
You will also typically receive an email confirmation message from us after your order has been confirmed by the restaurant (though you do not need to wait for this email to know that your order has been sent). To avoid our emails ending up in your spam, add us to your contacts or trusted recipients.
You can also check the ‘my orders’ section after logging into your account. If you don’t find it there, then you can contact us chat with one of our operators by clicking the ‘chat with us’ button on the top right of the site, or give us a call at 1-(855) GET KOSHER (855-438-5674).
If there is any kind of problem with your order, we will attempt to contact you by telephone and/or email. Please make sure to always include a current telephone number where you can be reached, in case we need to contact you.
On your order please note any delivery instructions that we may need to get to you. The clearer you are the better.
Most likely this is occurring because the zip code you chose at the beginning, does not match the zip code you are trying to save. If you re-start your order and select the same zip code, you will see the address that you saved.
Also make sure when you are saving your address you click ‘Add Address’, before ‘continue to checkout’.
After Placing Your Order
The average food delivery time varies based on volume and time of the day. Each restaurant is different and we do list the average delivery time in the my order section, which is to the right of the restaurants menu when you are building your order. We usually quote between 45 and 60 minutes to allow for possible incidental delays like heavy traffic, long preparation times in busy restaurants, and poor weather conditions.
We suggest planning ahead, if at all possible, to guarantee your delivery time, especially for large orders.
Either by using the chat box located on the top right of our site or by calling us at 1-855-GET-KOSHER as soon as possible. Your order is processed as soon as it is received and once it is prepared, you can not modify or cancel it.
You can either chat with a live operator by clicking the button on the top right of the site or call us at (855) GET-KOSHER (855-438-5674). We will be more then happy to discuss any issues with you and have them resolved. We strive to have only satisfied customers.
Absolutely! We offer the same prices you would get if you were to order takeout directly from the restaurant. We do not allow our partnering restaurants to mark up their prices. We want you to SAVE money and even offer monthly deals and daily specials to invite you to try new restaurants and dishes.
Each restaurant decides what their minimum order amount should be. Please note, that we can not process an order that is below the minimum order amount. Tax, delivery charge, and tip do not count towards the minimum order amount.
We do not charge our customers for using our service. The prices we charge are the same prices you can find at the restaurant.
Specials are ordered the same way you would order any other item. All specials when available will appear on the menu under ‘Specials’ when available. This will occur even if you don’t visit the specials page. Clicking on the special photo or link will NOT add the item to your cart, it will only bring you to the restaurant page where you are able to build your order.
No credit is stored on our system. We use a service called Bluepay who takes care of all of this. BluePay’s advanced PCI tokenization solution is specifically designed to keep stored cardholder data safe and protecting sensitive credit card account numbers. BluePay maintains the highest levels of security for our customers and the complete credit card payment process.
Driver’s tip can be charged to your card, so there’s no need to fumble for cash when the driver arrives. All tips go directly to your Delivery Waiter, so please, be considerate of their efforts.
We accept all major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diner’s Club.
After you made your meal selections, click on “VIEW CART“, then you will be on the Checkout Page. On this page, you will have the opportunity to enter the coupon code. Please be sure to click “APPLY COUPON” before you continue to check out.
Yes! Your information is encrypted and transmitted to our payment gateway in its encrypted state. We use BluePay and you can be sure that they are PCI DSS Compliant and meet all safety regulations. Your credit card information is never shared with drivers or restaurants.
Restaurant Questions
Some restaurants are not able to deliver to all areas since they make deliveries by bike. We are working to offer other means of delivery in the future and hope to expand our delivery areas real soon.
Pickup orders are very similar to delivery orders. In Step 1, when selecting your zip code select ‘This order is for TAKEOUT’ . Continue to restaurants as you normally would when ordering delivery. Most restaurants offer takeout, but not all. You do not need to add a tip or pay for delivery since you will be picking your order up.
Catering Orders
Three ways to order your catering whether you’re having a party or card game, hosting for Shabbat or the holidays, or just watching Sunday football with friends, planning an event:
Start by clicking ‘Order Now’ and typing in your zip code. For step 2, ‘Select Your Delivery Time’ choose the option Deliver to me later and select the date and time you want to receive your order.
Call us at (855) GET-KOSHER (855) 438-5674 and speak to one of our catering specialists.
Click Here to fill out a simple form and we will review your information and contact you by email or phone to go over our recommendations and finalize your order.
Yes, Click Here to fill out a simple form and we will review your information and contact you by email or phone to go over our recommendations and finalize your order.
There is no such thing as planning too far ahead. With a reasonable notice we can guarantee your delivery date and time, especially for large orders.
Corporate Order / Pharmaceutical Reps
We sure do. Let us take the stress and strain away by catering your next kosher business event. When you’re organizing a business meeting, you have enough on your plate. Let us handle the catering details so you can make the most of your workday. While your team is discussing the next big project, they can be enjoying a delicious Kosher meal. From an assortment of breakfast, to a fresh lunch or elegant dinner, can provide delicious business meeting catering for your organization.
Indicate the name for each attendee in the ‘special comments’ for the item when you order. When your food is delivered, it will be marked with the attendee’s name for easy distribution.
We sure can! Let us know the type of food you’d like (deli, pasta, breakfast, etc.) and the budget per person or budget total. If you have any special request for certain foods we can accommodate you. Then we’ll recommend the rest. The food will be served buffet style at your location. Plates, utensils and serving utensils can be supplied, along with coffee, soda, wine or other beverages.