GetKosher For Your Company

With GetKosher, your company can order kosher meals from any partner restaurant under a single account, while improving expense management and tracking. Say goodbye to multiple house accounts and expense reports for each restaurant. At GetKosher, its our job is to collect and organize your company’s orders. Let us take care of the food and delivery, so you can focus on what you do best.

GetKosher Beyond The Food

Expense Management Solution:

GetKosher's database stores the orders of each individual employee, so you don't have to. We send weekly invoices, and can supply you with a excel spreadsheet if needed, making it easy to track and allocate expenses.

Happy Employees:

GetKosher features a huge selection of the best kosher restaurants. Employees are no longer restricted to ordering from a few restaurants due to existing house accounts. Give them a choice of kosher restaurants, they deserve it.

Rewards Program:

At, every meal counts! When you join GetKosher, you're automatically added to our rewards program, where you can earn points that go towards free meals, gift cards, prizes, charity, and more.

Business Event Planning:

Your business presentations are catered to perfection, why should the spread be any different? GetKosher's catering specialists are experts in building custom orders for your next meeting and event, to help keep your workers sharp, and your business sharper.